Saturday, September 5, 2020

4th Eduleaders Virtual Summit & Awards 2020

Technological progress and adoption of artificial intelligence have a growing trend. Students use of the internet to find the contents of their studies has a growing trend too.

Teachers are now working hard to ensure their students not only learn about the key concepts of the course, but also learn to use the necessary technology. Teachers ensure students use the most appropriate tools, while giving constructive feedback, so they feel accompanied at all times. Optimal learning happens when students have a safe, constructive, online platform. Students are not only visiting a virtual campus. They also need a personal space for community, or collaboration areas to really thrive. 

A teacher is the centre of any teaching learning process. In this digital era, a teacher has got a number of responsibilities in addition to his/her prior role to keep pace with the changing technologies and changing teaching learning environments. A teacher is accountable to the society which trust him/her for shaping its coming generations for better civilizations and to the nation which trust him/her for making its future more bright and progressive. To deal with this accountability, a teacher need to use Digital Technology  effectively with its traditional teaching techniques to facilitate critical and innovative thinking in his/her classrooms and it is only then one can dream of a knowledge society and a better digitalized education World around us. 

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