Wednesday, May 26, 2021

7th Global Education and Skill Summit 2021

Global Education & Skill Summit echoes this thought and brings various stakeholders to share their experiences and ideas which in turn assist the related community to learn, aware and introspect on the various aspects of education & skill development programme and how to turn ideas into reality. Global collaboration builds cultural understanding, communication skills, and knowledge and awareness of the wider world.

Educational attainment is on the rise. Globally, the proportion of adults over 15 years of age with at least some secondary education will rise from 60% in 2005 to 71% in 2025. Tertiary education attainment is projected to rise from 10% to 14%. The number of highly educated adults will rise fastest in Asia.In order to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world; young people need to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to engage in lifelong, cross-cultural learning and collaboration. More than ever, young people need the 21st century skills for global competency, digital literacy, critical thinking and global collaboration among international peers.  Education systems need to ensure they are giving people vital skills and knowledge. There is also an urgent need for education systems to impart higher skills aligned with the demands of growing economies, where many jobs are being automated and skill sets are changing fast. Governments to start taking inequalities in education seriously, tracking them by collecting information directly from each and every part of the country. Our schools, universities and lifelong learning programmes focus on economic, environmental and social perspectives that help nurture empowered, critical, mindful and competent citizens. 

The event expects 5000+ Attendees, if not more. There will be an exclusive session for the participants keen to join into the adjoining hall of fame. You will find yourself among the decision makers from across the length and breadth of the international community.